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coincidence in an answer

i went on a road trip with friends last week and during the ride one of my buddies had this little book of questions.  Some of them were no brainers.  Some of them really made you think.

One of the questions was: Name a person who has had a great influence on you.
The friend asking the questions answered saying his parents or something to that effect. The other friend of mine said his daughters.

Normally I would have said something like that or maybe my high school band director, an early music teacher perhaps. But I went with the first person that first entered my mind in a quasi Rorschach inkblot fashion.

The first name that came to mind was Dr. Randy Pausch.

I found out yesterday that the day these friends of mine and I played this game of asking questions, Dr Randy Pausch died.

I would consider myself successful if I could leave just half as important a legacy as he did.
What an amazing human being.