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poking at believers and non-believers

I was listening to the Pacifica Station here in Houston yesterday. I normally don’t.  But as I was changing from FM1 down to AM, I had to punch through FM2 where 90.1 KPFT was playing. The DJ caught my attention by saying the next song was brand new. So I paused for just a second to hear what it would be.

It’s by Regina Spektor (who I’ve never heard of) and was released about a month ago.  The lyrics made my ears perk up immediately so I listened to hear what this song was about.

I think she’s making fun of those who don’t believe in God (perhaps a UU or two?) but when shit hits the fan… well, as she said, “no one laughs…” And I think she’s poking fun at those who believe God grants wishes like a genie.

I’m curious about your thoughts.

The earth finds balance

Happy Spring Equinox y’all!!!

Officially it was at 5:48am UTC so for us out here in Central Standard Time of the U.S., balance occurred at 11:48pm on the 19th.

Man!… I’m a day late and a dollar short. Story of my life.

a picture of our home.

quite beautiful isn’t she.


fast food blessing

I saw a young man praying the other day. By young I mean in his early 20s. It kinda caught me by surprise. I mean, you don’t (well, at least I don’t) really see that much anymore, especially at a fast food place.

I didn’t really notice him until he actually started praying although he had sat at a table located conspicuously right in the middle of the place. He apparently had already taken a couple of bites when he began, which for those of you who pray or grew up praying isn’t really the norm. Despite this breaking of a cultural rule, I was moved by his reverence. I think what made this especially so was he actually spoke his prayer, albeit very quietly under his breath but as if between just him and his God. I think it’s important to note also, he was eating at one of those fast food places located in a gas station.

I think gratitude and humility are a necessary hallmark of spirituality. Why?… because through gratitude we can find it easier to genuinely treat others as we would like to be treated. With humility we can understand that we are truly connected and dependent on one another and thus need each other.

Someone asked The Master which is the greatest commandment? He said love God with all your heart. But The Master then followed this by saying.

Mat 22:39-40
The second is like unto it, Love your neighbor as you do yourself. Hang all the laws on these two commandments.

Hang everything else on these two. Man, that is good stuff.

Namasté. The Divine in me honors The Divine in you.
I bow my head in humility and gratitude.
Thank you anonymous teacher in a fast food, gas station restaurant who reminded me of gratitude .