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Big time at the ol’ science fair

I live within the boundaries of one of (it may actually be) THE biggest school districts in Texas.  It’s pretty crazy how big the district is and the number of schools within it.

So a couple of nights ago the district held what it calls the Gifted & Talented Showcase. It’s a science fair of sorts but it’s for the smart kids…. like the really smart kids. Each school has a program that helps challenge the students that are gifted and talented but then each school designates four “teams” made up of the smartest of those smart kids to represent the school at the showcase. My stepsons were on the teams that represented the third and fourth graders.  Pretty cool huh!

So The Deistette and I did our parental duty and attended the event. Honestly, I thought I was going to hate this. But in retrospect, this was actually pretty cool.

HOLY CRAP!!!! though there were a lot of people there. Each school in the district (that’s elementary, middle and high school) brought four teams to show the smartest of the smartest.

volcanoOf course there was your classics like volcanoes. This was one of at least three that I saw. It was pretty damn cool, too.  The parents who built this thing (and you know they did) cut slivers of space in the paper mache, placed red cellophane behind where the slice was made and put a small light inside the volcano to make the “lava” glow. Then they had a little fan of some sort inside the volcano that Continue reading