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brother can you spare a dime?

Hello friendly blog peeps, peepettes and casual visitors.

Today’s post is asking for a HUGE favor.

If you look to the right… right next to the title of this post you’ll see a picture. If you click it, the link will take you to my page on the Lone Star Chapter of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s website.

I’m writing about this because I want to let you know I’m riding my bicycle half way across Texas in an effort to raise funds for researchers to find a cure for MS. I’m riding in the 2009 MS 150 Bike Tour from Houston to Austin. It’s about 160 miles or so over two days.

I’m do it for two reasons. One… believe it or not, I find it fun and of course, challenging. (i’ve ridden this ride before) Two… I know I am extremely lucky to be able to move my body on my own and so I feel an obligation to help.

I want to help researchers find a cure for folks who don’t move so well because of this disease.

I’m no scientist. I don’t know much about this disease or what it will take to end it. But I can pedal my bike and ask people to donate to my ride so the smart guys can figure a way to help those who are afflicted with this disease.

So I hope you will.

I hope you can spare ten bucks… or five bucks… or three or even one.

I know five bucks or even one doesn’t seem like a lot but it all adds up.

When I was in the Marine Corps I learned a saying from the grunts… “ounces make pounds.” I first heard it when my unit attached with some grunts for training and we were going on a 13 mile hike carrying all our gear on our back.

A few of the guys took us “non-hackers” aside and said, “ounces make pounds, Marine. Let me see your gear.” They proceeded to show us how stripping every tiny piece of non-essential crap added up to a lot of weight.

“Ounces make pounds” folks. I know times are tough. Hell, I barely have two nickels to rub together but if you could donate whatever you can…

well, every little bit adds up to a lot.

Sometimes the biggest things…

…come out of the smallest of events.

I’m a couple of weeks behind on this story but just had to share after stumbling over the ESPN report covering it.

I think it’s amazing that in game that had relatively little meaning and on a ball field where less than 100 spectators were in attendance something quite sublime and…


meaningful happened.  Gives a little hope for humanity.

faith in action


I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks but have been waiting on the paper work to come but I figured what the heck… I’ll go ahead and let everyone know.

I did it! And it was a lot easier than i thought. Almost as easy as becoming one of those online ordained ministers. Click, click, click… and there you have it. Organs donated.

I hope those who find this post will consider donating your organs as well. I mean you can’t take ’em with you when your gone and it could really help a lot of people. Here is a story about Andre Jones which got me inspired to do this.

And here is a link to get you started. It’s Donate Life America and it has a link on how to donate from any state in the union.

Peace y’all.


help each other

hi y’all… I’m feeling a little verklempt right now.

I saw a very moving story today on Good Morning America about a young man named Andre Jones. Jones has an eye disease that, over time caused him to be legally blind and barely see beyond two or three feet.

His site was restored recently in one eye but only because a young girl, a seventeen year old, passed away and whose parents allowed her organs to be donated to medicine.

You know… (i’m getting a little choked up thinking about this as i type)…

[pause… blink, blink]

… i think we’re here on this earth to help each other. In doing so we give praise to all that is holy. [deist whispers] help each other.

Please do consider becoming an organ donor. It’s an amazing, holy, act of selflessness. And when leaving this earthly plane, we can give such a depth of meaning to someone’s life who might otherwise not be able to live but simply exist.

It’s something I’ve always considered but haven’t been quite moved to do until today.