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a day in the life of the UU Deist in Texas

ok, so this isn’t a typical day in my life… it’s more like an atypical Saturday. And what did i do? I spent an afternoon with a few of the ladies in my life. I had the daughter this weekend and we hung out with my mom, my baby sister and my niece. After going out for breakfast, we couldn’t figure out what to do but my mom suggested going to Trader’s Village.

It’s this place in the northwest part of Houston that takes up, I don’t know… maybe 200 acres including the parking lot. It’s like a super-humongo, ginormous garage sale. My mom considers herself the queen of garage sales and so…to her domain we went.

It’s actually a pretty cool place for people watching and you can find some pretty cool, weird, obscure stuff there… and CHEAP!

I wish I had thought to pull out my camera earlier than I did. Then I could have caught a pic of the vendor selling an assortment of hard to find tools that every guy must have. You know like that two foot long springy thing with the magnet on the end for retrieving bolts that fall in a tight spot in the engine. Not that I’ve ever done that 😀 I could have gotten a pic of a wagon wheel coffee table like the one in When Harry met Sally and a frame with cowhide wrapping around it. The odd thing is the cowhide still has the fur on it. Do cows have fur or is it hair?

There are all kinds of pets being sold Continue reading

A Restlessness

I have a friend who is like a big sis… no she IS my big sister. I love her dearly and we have this wonderful sibling relationship. I mentioned her in a post about a month ago… (Lillet, pronounced lill-ay) She’s awesome!

So we met for lunch about a week ago and… wait, speaking of lunch…

i’m gonna pimp out sis a little. She’s a foodie. Despite being 5’5″ and all of about 97 pounds she loves to eat and loves to cook. She’s an awesome cook! It probably explains my thick profile. 😀 So she just started her own blog over here about foodie stuff. Check it out. Show her a little love. Get her to write more.

Anyway, where was I…. oh yeah, we went to lunch and for some reason just as we were leaving she mentioned something about feeling restless. I said, “yeah, me, too. like something is gonna give. Something is gonna change, right?… shift.”

It was weird. We hadn’t talked about it before this, although in this conversation I learned she and i have been feeling this way for a few weeks. She has a couple of friends who have mentioned a similar feeling.

She and I agreed it isn’t bad like looming disaster. It’s just a change, a shift… but we feel it coming and it’s the waiting that gives us some sort of restlessness.

Do any of y’all feel it? i wonder what’s coming down the pike. Maybe something’s coming back into balance.

Weird. Who knows… maybe we had too much caffeine at lunch.