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The long night is soon over

I’m not one who really finds neo-Paganism or earth centered traditions appealing. Those spiritual paths don’t really resonate much with me.

But a few years ago, i bought a James Avery Season’s ring for Little Fawn.
In the little box it came in I slipped a note that said:

Wear this ring and remember our ancestors
They followed the sun and the moon.

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Namasté y’all

Hi everyone… this is my first post here on WordPress and wanted to say a quick hello to everyone here in the blogosphere… specifically all the UU types out there.

Sooo…. hello.

So I guess in the technical definition of a Deist…. they don’t normally give much credence to holy books, scripture or “revealed” religions, etc, so it may seem a little odd for a Deist to use a Hindu greeting.

But like all good UUs, I believe there is some Truth in all. For me, “big T” Truth means, The Divine, God, The Ultimate Reality, Allah, Brahma, [insert your word for Spirit of Love here]. So I may on occasion start or end a post with “Namasté.” Blessed Be. Amen. Shalom or reference a biblical story or scripture for effect. You get the picture.

Have a good weekend everyone.

By the way…  Happy Summer Solstice to all! (ok, so I missed it by a day but I just got up and running on this.)