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encore! encore!

So my blog buddy Humanitarikim commented in my last post about one of my submissions to FAWM and the last thing she said in her first comment was “can’t wait to hear more.”

Not wanting to disappoint… this one’s for you Kim. : )

So FAWM has been really cool for me this year and I feel like I’m starting to “get it”. Unfortunately, I’m getting it with only three more days left in the challenge, an ass load of crap to do around the house this weekend and barely, if any time to massage the creative side of my noggin’.

The thing to “get” about FAWM is that it’s about writing, writing and more writing… not producing well mixed, perfect audio files.  The point of this once-a-year challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days is to actually let loose of those ideas of trying put something out that is perfect.

Anyway, here’s another one I did for FAWM. Please forgive my singing, I still didn’t quite have the song down (as is evident by being pitchy and screwing up a few words) and did this in one take as The Deistette was giving the boy a bath.

Tah dahhhh! For you Kim.  And get back on that piano! Doesn’t need to be perfect.  Just think this: FAWMMMMMMMMMM. You can even say it in a Lotus position. : )


I’ve mentioned a time or two that I play with some friends in a band. Collectively we’re ok I guess. We have our moments when we shine but we’re definitely greater than the sum of our parts.

Tonight we’re opening for a folk singer who has been playing for about 50 years and plays parodies and somewhat silly songs.

That is SOOO not us.  We play a sort of melding of pop, rock, folk, blues although we do it all on acoustic instruments.  It always surprises me though how much it takes in the way of electronics, mixers and amps for us to play a show. Go figure.

I’m a little worried about how we will be received by what will be a much older crowd than we’re used to playing, but Continue reading

as one dies another is born

When I was in high school i had quite a few friends, mostly because I was in the band, and that time in my life holds fond memories for me. I’m fortunate in that regard because I know a lot of people whose high school memories are ones of angst, dislike mixed with feelings of inferiority and inability to fit in.

But being a band geek, i had a tribe of accepting friends who never made me feel like the dork I really was…. perhaps “still am” is more accurate.

But there were four girls who were not in the band that I also ran around with and they accepted me into their little circle. One overweight, rather bubbly and quasi popular girl…Lisa T. One very overweight, very bubbly and not so popular girl… Dena. One very tall (six feet) lanky diamond in the rough drill team member… Lisa L. and another drill team member Phyliss, who had moderate success breaking into the popular crowd until she moved away our junior year. Continue reading

a postscript to something more formal

p.s. – On a more personal note…You and I have an unusual anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks. The length of time that we’ve been apart will exceed the time we were together. I don’t know why that is such a milestone in my mind but it has affected me and made me sad the closer it comes.

So much can happen in five years. Complete and total transformation can happen in as little as five years. Definitely transformations have happened for me and L. … spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I feel quite in touch with The Divine, more so than ever in my life. I guess it’s been a couple of years now that L. and I can talk about memories of you and the kids without either one of us having our eyes well up or full blown crying. In fact, we sometimes laugh when remembering. I guess we have healed. And she is doing well and has grown up to be a rather brilliant and beautiful girl.

I wonder…

I wonder… if you ever think of me. I wonder if the kids think of me. And I wonder what you think of the relationship we had. For you, does our time together represent just a blink… a few seconds on the clock of an entire lifetime, a faint memory or was it meaningful. I often wonder what you think of what we had.

love always, me


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