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it’s in the staying there

Yesterday evening The Deistette and I got back from one of the longest stretches of days of vacation without her two boys that I can remember. We were gone for four whole days and three nights! It’s sad that the excitement is genuine over a measly three night outing in Granbury, Tx and Dallas which are about four and a half hours away from us.

As many kids are this time of year, the boys were on Spring Break and had left last weekend to be with their father who lives about an hour east of Dallas. We took advantage of them being gone by… well, it’s sad to say but resting and sleeping and basking in the silence. But on Thursday morning just before lunch we headed out toward Granbury to visit with her aunt and uncle as well as her grandfather.

It was absolutely wonderful. And I hate to say it but it was entirely because the boys weren’t there to drive up the anxiety of her already anxiety stricken aunt.

The main reason we left Casa Deist for a few days though wasn’t to visit her family or head toward Dallas to pick up the boys after their visit with their shit-for-brains father. Nope… it was to celebrate a mile marker of ours.


Taken near Post, Tx
Sept 13, 2008

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spring swap goodies

1spring-stuffI’m a little late posting this. I was supposed to show all my spring goodies when I received them a week or so ago. Sorry for the delay.

So one of my newer blog peeps, Sherri, over at LeClaw arranged for a little blog swap in celebration of the earth coming back into balance. I think there were eight or so of us participating in it. LeClaw got her Swap-O-Matic machine out, dumped our names into the hopper and swappy goodness ensued.

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first day of spring

milestone to announce.

The Deistette and I got hitched!  Yep, we did it!… on the first day of spring. We opted for the let’s elope, just-us-and-the-kids, no-frills, a-ring-a-dress-and-a-bouquet, at-the-judges’-office, flip-flops-for-comfort, ceremony.

We’re still hoping we can have a church/spiritual ceremony next year so if any of you think you can be in the Houston area on March 20th we’d love for you to be there for the party.  I’ll keep you updated on if it really happens or if we decide to blow all the money on a trip to Vegas and putting it on black.  But for now… we went the civil ceremony route and are officially wedded. Short, sweet and to the point.

Little Fawn was the official photographer.  Here’s one of her shots.  I think we need to work on her eye a little.  In her defense I did ask her to get as much of the arch in the shot that she could.

Happy Spring y’all!

[The Deist and Deistette yell from way far away by the arch, “hellooooooo!  we’re married!!!!  Can you see ussss!  Over here!!!  We just got married!!!  (do you think they can hear us?  let’s try again.) “helloooooo! yeah over here!  Married!  Us!]