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Philosophy from my stoner neighbors: giving compliments

So this past weekend I was digging in a flower bed, pulling up weeds and pulling up dead bushes that I’ve been meaning to replace for… i don’t know, about a year or two.  I’m not really the gardening type.

So I’m diggin and I’m diggin…

And i bend over as if trying to touch my toes to start pulling out the roots and weeds of some wandering jew that has infested this particular flower bed and will never, ever go away unless i put gasoline to the earth and catch it on fire.

Anyway, my stoner neighbor Adam is outside with his buddies drinkin beer and shootin the breeze and as usual they are waxing existential about politics, keepin’ the little guy down, stickin’ it to the man, conspiracy theories and who are the current hottest celebrity chicks they would do. They remind a little of The Lone Gunmen of X-Files fame.

So as I’m bent over this is what takes place: Continue reading

More philosophy from my stoner neighbors

I love riding my bicycle… feels like flying sometimes. I’ve got a pretty cool bike, too. Carbon fiber forks, racing seat, decent Shimano derailers, etc. I also have the gear… you know stretchy pants with the puffy butt padding, cycling jerseys, low drag helmet, speedometer that also calculates calories burned and back in December, as a Christmas present to me… I bought cycling shoes, cleatsfor the shoes and pedals. I’ve never ridden with a clipless pedal system but I’ve heard they can increase your speed and efficiency on the bike.

Well we’ve had a pretty mild winter here in Texas but for a lack of time or not feeling up to it or just plain laziness, I just haven’t had the chance to ride and test ’em out. But this past weekend I was able to take advantage of some warm weather and knew I would be able to get at least an hour’s worth of good riding in. Continue reading

philosophy from the stoners next door

A couple of houses down I have a neighbor who is for lack of a better label a stoner. The guy next to him is a stoner. And they have a buddy who is over every day.

Every single day.

And every single day they sit in the driveway or (when it’s too cold) in the garage with door open and drink beer and smoke dope.

They wax existential Continue reading