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The Deist… a nominee for the Darwin awards?

There’s a joke that yankees will sometimes say about Texans. It goes kinda like this.

“hey, what are last words you’ll hear from a Texan about to die?”
“i don’t know… what?”
“Hey. Hold my beer and watch this.”

ok, I’ll admit, that’s kinda funny. Probably because there is some truth to it.

What does that have to do with me and being nominated for a Darwin.

This story is dedicated to my recent visitor Mike over at I’m Intelligently Designed, who it seems his sole purpose is to discredit evolutionists. Mike… this one’s for you. Survival of the fittest and natural selection is no theory buddy. It’s the God’s honest truth! (irony in that statement intended.) : )


Well, believe it or not, I still have some damage from Hurricane Ike, which rolled through town almost a year ago. There’s a piece of 1×4 that failed to get fixed that is a piece of facia that attaches to the roof on the second floor.

Well, over the past several weekends I’ve been trying to get on the roof so I can measure it and put a new one in it’s place but with no success. And it isn’t because I had a beer while trying to do this, Ombudsben. The pitch of my roof is too steep.

Well, I’d finally had enough of my half ass attempts at trying to get on this steep pitched roof and set out with what I thought was an ingenious plan.

So I begin telling The Deistette (for new visitors, The Deistette is my wife) how it all happened Continue reading

easter eggs, ghost tracks, hidden songs

Seems as though everyone is doing a ghost track or bonus song/material on their CDs these days. I ran across a website dedicated to them.

This is from that website:

A hidden, or “ghost”, track is a song on an album which is not listed on the album sleeve or jacket. On a CD, usually the song is accessed by playing the final track through then going through a brief moment of silence.

An unlisted track is different because the hidden song has its own track and can be directly accessed without having to go through the previous song.

I can’t remember the first time I stumbled on or heard of a ghost track. Seems like Continue reading

It’s like a train wreck

I know I shouldn’t stare but I couldn’t help but keep looking as the season premier of Beauty and the Geek aired.  I don’t normally watch tv. It’s more like background noise that I just kinda listen to as I do other things around the house, work I’ve brought home, or guitar practice.

But for some reason I got hooked as I watched… mouth agape at the two hour season premier of Beauty and the Geek 4.

The chasm which these representatives of beauty and geekdom spans is almost unbelievable. To the degree with which the Beauties” were saying “i didn’t know people like this existed” I was thinking the same about them.

Of course in watching the geeks I couldn’t help but think of a something Making Chutney posted in mid August asking the question of UUs being geeks.  Does it even need to be asked.  The producers of the show could have hit any UU congregation and would have had more than their share to choose from.  By the way fellow UUs… that is not a compliment.

Anyway… back to the beauties on the show… when asked during her interview to be a participant “who composed Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony” she drew a blank. When commenting about trying to figure out how much she would save if a $475 pair of shoes was 15% off she said, “the guy who invented math must have been crazy ’cause it’s so boring.”

My dad likes saying this old Mexican saying quite often…
El pendejo no se escuela… se nacer.
loosely translated it means… “A dumbass doesn’t go to school to learn to be stupid. He’s born with it.”

However, to come up with this bit of creative accounting I thought was brilliant. one girl looked at her recent boob job as an investment because, “over my lifetime all the drinks I’ll have bought for me because i have boobs will probably pay for the boob job.”

😐    [blink… blink…]

hey if you want to buy yourself some boobs more power to ya… so long as you’re meeting your other financial responsibilities.  You might even try to say they’re an investment… let’s say if you dance at the local nehked bar.  I imagine your accountant could have the cost of the surgery written off as a business expense.  But so you can have drinks bought for you?  Bitch please.