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I’ve always liked the idea of soulmates. I’ll admit it… i’ve bought into the idea. I like to believe there is someone out there who is absolutely perfect for me. I want to believe. I almost need to believe.Unfortunately there is nothing to base it on except my gut instinct… faith I guess you could call it and a myth invented by Plato… or at least attributed to him. I guess that’s not a bad thing considering the writer. I mean my man Plato was a pretty smart guy. But I was kinda hopin’ to find something to base this on in words that are considered by most a little more scriptural or canonical though (i.e. Quaran, The Bible, Torah, Vedic Scripture, etc).

But despite my half ass efforts towards a little internet research, I could find nothing that indicated that any of the Abrahamic religions speak to this nor do any of the eastern philosphies or the earth centered traditions.

New-ager types, neuvo-reincarnato/recycled souls apologetics and the like embrace the idea (groups whose ideas I tend to align myself with) but I haven’t been able to find any attribution to any of the older sacred texts that mention the concept of a twin flame or soul mate.

So why not just go with my gut. It keeps me alive. It tells me when I’m hungry. Gives me a flight or fight feeling. My gut’s given me the right intuition so far and kept me alive. And the idea of my twin flame being out there somewhere helps me to keep on, keepin on.

Alright, there we go. Soulmates… [check in the box under the yes column]

Peace y’all.

[Deist looks over his shoulder… thinks to himself “nope… haven’t found her yet. But she’s got to be around here somewhere.“]



This short film won an Oscar in 1989.

Very thought provoking… if you have seven and a half minutes to spare, watch this.

Unfortunately there are instances when we do things that are not our normal way of behaving or do or say things that if we were outside observers we would find abhorrent. I remember when Rita and Katrina hit down here in the southeast United States, the evacuation had people doing things that were quite out of the norm. Some doing things that showed a “kill or be killed” attitude. I guess I can kind of understand… for many that was a life threatening situation.

And I remember a couple of years ago when gas prices shot up and it didn’t look like it was gonna stop anytime soon, I saw a guy who bought twelve 10-gallon plastic gas cans. It seemed shitty. His attitude was shitty about it and it was a sort of Darwanistic, kill or be killed attitude he had about hording his gas. I guess his actions are somewhat understandable or justifiable. I mean I don’t know a thing about the other variables in his life that would make him think he needed to horde 120 gallons of gasoline. But being an outside observer, it was easy for me to view it on the surface as abhorrent or in this case… shitty.

But where do you draw the line? It seems we can always come up with mitigating variables that justify tossing our friends off the platform and hording the music box for ourselves.

Being a spirit being inside this human shell isn’t easy. The need this human-shaped vessel has to feed it’s hunger, thirst and ego is so strong, it often overpowers what the Spirit inside would have it do no matter how hard we try.

Eh… then again… some people are just greedy bastards.

stupid is as stupid does

El pendejo no se escuela… se nacer. ~ an old Mexican saying.

loosely translated… “A dumbass doesn’t go to school to learn to be stupid. He’s born with it.”

I was on my way home from work yesterday and saw this guy driving around with this sign on his truck. Dumb ass.attack-iran.jpg

I suspect like all the other old, white guys up on “The Hill” who are bucking to ramp up troop numbers in the Mid East, that this guy isn’t willing to send his son or daughter over to The Sandbox.

Piece o’ shit! They’re all a bunch of little cowardly pieces of shit! Send your sons and daughters, too!

You know what Mr. Bush… you want to keep fightin’ this war… you want to add more troops?! I’ve got a few buddies in the 8th Marine Corps Recruiting District who I served with who I’m sure would LOVE to sign up the twins.