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pulling the lever

Well, The Deistette had conceded that she wasn’t going to be able to vote in one of the most historic elections our country has ever seen.

When she moved down here on the weekend that the hurricane hit, we were dealing with so much but one afternoon in late, late September I had the day off and we went went to the DMV to get her new Texas driver’s license. She registered to vote at the same time.

Well, she’s been waiting and waiting and waiting for her voter card and nothing. We looked on a website to see if the County Clerk had her listed on the rolls and which polling station she’d vote. Nothin.

But on my way home, I checked the mail and tah dahhh!!!… her card was there.

She was quite happy.  And I think I know how she voted.

What can i say… that’s my girl!



The Deist… one helluva model American

So I went out and did my civic duty. The folks at the county assessor’s office didn’t really appreciate me using my camera in the voting booth for some reason.

I think maybe they didn’t want me to get proof of what I think might be a premeditated bit of “hanging chad” syndrome.

Well, as you can see, we here in Texas will have none of that. All electronic baby. Just so long as the knuckleheads at the county take all the voting booths back.

One of the people I know there told me a story about Continue reading

get out the vote! – for me

ok, seriously… if you find yourself with some time on your hands, maybe at lunch or sometime in the next couple of days, go on over to The UU Blog Awards site and take a peek at the entries. There are some folks in the UU Blogosphere who are writing some very interesting, poignant, funny, thought-provoking, important pieces. It’s nice that there is a forum for recognizing their efforts.
I’ll admit, I nominated myself for a couple of things but I was surprised to find (and learn from a couple of UU bloggers) that I had been nominated beyond putting my own name in the hat. So although it may sound very cliché and silly especially since it is a self appointed award we UUs are bestowing upon ourselves, I’m nevertheless quite honored to be in the company of some of these writers.

So get out there… take a look around and vote for someone! I promise if you take a look at a UU blog you won’t get snatched up. We won’t subliminally convince you to start slapping chalices on everything you own, drink free-trade coffee and go to drum circles wearing organic, hippiefied clothing.

We gave up the subliminal thing a long time ago. :mrgreen:

Super Tuesday and DMB

Some of you who have read my blog before have seen that I’ve referenced Dave Matthews Band a few times.

I’ve been a fan of his band’s music since his “Under the Table and Dreaming” album came out in 1994. Dave’s lyrics are at times simplistic, spiritual, common, unusual, erotic, political or silly. He’s surrounded himself with amazing musicians, specifically bass phenom and prodigy Stephan Lessard and drummer extraordinaire Carter Beuford; which, in doing so, allows the music to be extremely complex.

He has helped with issues regarding the environment, his opinions of religion are similar to that of UUs, and he’s just flat out cool.

But I saw Continue reading

who’s your candidate!

I found this while lurking around on WordPress today.

Coincidentally, I found out while stopping by at Another Working Mom’s place that today is apparently Delurking Day .