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we are a racist country… the end

Senator Obama is scheduled to deliver this morning what some are calling the most important speech of his political career to date. Perhaps he should take some tips from Tracy Morgan.

“it’s a little complicated but basically it’s this…”

YouTube took down the video of comedian Tracy Morgan responding to Tina Fey’s quasi endorsement of Sen. Clinton so you’ll have to go the SNL link to watch it.


just like heaven

My friend Amuirin posted a vid showing off the Sara Bareilles cover of a-Ha’s famous “Take On Me” from the mid 80’s.

I loved that song when it came out.

Reminded me of another song that came out a couple years later that I really like when it was released.

This is a really, really cool version of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” by YouTuber, Amanda Loree.


The UU commercial contest

Alright, I’ll admit it again, I’m new to the blogging thing and couldn’t figure out how to post to Lizard Eater’s blog without creating a whole new account on Google or Blogger or whatever so I’m doing it this way hoping the aggregators will get it to her somehow.
So Lizard Eater started this unofficial, not associated with the UUA in any way, this is just for fun (just for fun right LE?) contest to create a UU commercial with no other prize than for ME… (that’s right… I’m gonna win) to be able to have braggin’ rights to say “in your FACE fellow UU bloggers!” 😀

Here’s my first attempt. Hope you enjoy.

By the way… some props and thanks to the folks out at the UU Church in Berkeley. I bootlegged the “Come Whoever You Are” from your podcast.