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Dear Mr. President

It was two years ago that I cast my vote for you.

Two years later, here at the midterm election and I am so disappointed. It’s more than disappointment.  It’s anger.  It’s dissolution. It’s a feeling that goes beyond being sad or depressed.  I let myself believe that you would really change some glaring problems in our country and I feel duped.

You PROMISED you would be transparent and you are not. Your election was based on a desire to change Washington and you brought hope that it would but it hasn’t.

It is not enough that you passed health care reform, Make Home Affordable and extended unemployment benefits. I have, or a family member has benefited from these acts, but they are bandaids on symptoms of a dysfunction that is systemic.

You owe me Mr. Obama. You owe us. We want real change.  If you need help on what you can do, you can start with your transparency promise.  Then…

Repeal The Patriot Act.
Impose campaign finance reform. REAL campaign finance reform.
Set term limits on congressmen and senators.
Demand an amendment be passed that strips away the idea that a CORPORATION has the same fundamental rights as WE THE PEOPLE!
No more war without formal declaration from Congress.

That would be a start towards real change and to right the ship.

If you need help, I have a few friends that have great ideas on how you can unscrew this country with just a few quick strokes of the pen. Why don’t you invite US over to your place to have a beer sometime and we can share some of them with you.

Hell, you know what… strike that. Come to my place! I’d love to share a pint or two with you and show you around my house so you can get an idea of how the average Joe lives and what we want of our country.

I think you you should accept my invite because somewhere along the way Mr. President you have forgotten what you promised, how you got where you are and where you came from.