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can i get a AMEN!

I’ve written here on more than a couple of occasions that I am not a Christian.  Pretty easy to tell from the title of my blog…

Deist. Not a Christian.  I also have Buddhist tendencies and go to a UU Church.

However, [comma… pause]

I loves me some gospel music!  I love it.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe the blues feel of most gospel music.  Just how loud it is.  Or maybe it’s the feeling it evokes.

I was talking with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago about favorite music and he felt the same way.  He loves gospel music.  And he too said, it’s the feeling that he gets from listening to it.  And although he isn’t a Christian either and hardly agrees with any of the lyrics, he can get behind the feeling that this kind of music brings to the soul.

So last night Emmie was showing me the video of a very young and very talented Rhema Marvanne.  And hearing this little seven year old girl belt out “Amazing Grace” reminded me of something I ran across last year called “How Sweet the Sound”, which is a gospel choir competition.  So I looked up the website and it turns out last night the competition had three hours of voting left.  I looked at a few of the choirs who were in it this year.

In a word…


The gospel choirs that are participating which come from all over the nation are simply amazing.

And it could be easy as an outsider to make snarky remarks… throw juvenile statements about the faces they make when singing but you know what… the music and the joy and the praise they are displaying simply trumps all that.

So I thought I’d share a video of the winners of last year’s competition(which by the way was not easy. Had to sift through HTML code on their site and locate the embed files).  The videos of the choirs competing this year have been pulled down. I guess since voting is over.  But in a little more than a month, there will be performances all over the country of the choirs who advance to finalist rounds.

You can find out at their website if they’ll be at a city near you:  http://howsweetthesound.com/

Damn those Pentecostal girls can SANG!

Vodpod videos no longer available.