when life gets in the way

When I first set up this site I thought I might only post one or two times a week. But I found myself posting something about every other day and actually liking it. It’s added a nice dimension to my life and helped me become introspective again.

But I kinda fell off the tracks here recently and haven’t kept up that every-other-day pace because I kinda met someone. Life kinda happened for a moment or two.

Getting to know her has been nice.  She is…

well, she is

rather amazing…

and she is unfortunately married. Going through a divorce, living in separate homes but married nonetheless.

weird how you can have a good feeling about something but at the same time have that yuck feeling in your stomach about the same thing…

i hate when life gets in the way.

One response to “when life gets in the way

  1. “yuck feeling”….very appropo. 🙂

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