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The Deist… a nominee for the Darwin awards?

There’s a joke that yankees will sometimes say about Texans. It goes kinda like this.

“hey, what are last words you’ll hear from a Texan about to die?”
“i don’t know… what?”
“Hey. Hold my beer and watch this.”

ok, I’ll admit, that’s kinda funny. Probably because there is some truth to it.

What does that have to do with me and being nominated for a Darwin.

This story is dedicated to my recent visitor Mike over at I’m Intelligently Designed, who it seems his sole purpose is to discredit evolutionists. Mike… this one’s for you. Survival of the fittest and natural selection is no theory buddy. It’s the God’s honest truth! (irony in that statement intended.) : )


Well, believe it or not, I still have some damage from Hurricane Ike, which rolled through town almost a year ago. There’s a piece of 1×4 that failed to get fixed that is a piece of facia that attaches to the roof on the second floor.

Well, over the past several weekends I’ve been trying to get on the roof so I can measure it and put a new one in it’s place but with no success. And it isn’t because I had a beer while trying to do this, Ombudsben. The pitch of my roof is too steep.

Well, I’d finally had enough of my half ass attempts at trying to get on this steep pitched roof and set out with what I thought was an ingenious plan.

So I begin telling The Deistette (for new visitors, The Deistette is my wife) how it all happened Continue reading

creationism, Huckabee and Maher

*A LITTLE HEADS UP* some strong language in this one.

First I’m gonna say, I like Mike Huckabee. I like that in his interviews and in the debates he presents himself with calm and equanimity. I don’t agree with almost anything he says or believes or policy he would wish to impose on our country, so for that I won’t vote for him but he’s a pretty likable guy.

Bill Maher on the other hand is a bitch and needs to get pimp slapped for the conceited, condescending method with which he presents himself. He needs to learn a little humility.

I came across this article coming from Wired Magazine that shows a composed Huckabee attempting to get his point across that he believes Continue reading